Faction Agent 3.0

Updated: Jan 25

By Greg Gardner and Max Roder

Rider: @seth_cooperman Photo: @oldxtrip

Best Price: $719.99 From evo

Length Tested: 180cm

Width Tested: 106mm

Test Bindings: Fritschi Vipec

Test Locations: Steamboat Springs CO, Winter Park CO, Vail CO, Routt Country CO, Mt. Wilson CO

Groomers: 7

Moguls: 6

Powder: 8.5

Technical Terrain: 8

Less than ideal conditions: 4.5

Freestyle: 6

Touring Capabilities: 8


In 2019, Faction skis unveiled their Agent series. This series was designed to be an ultra versatile, lightweight and affordable line designed to handle both in and out of bounds shredding. The Agent 3.0 is a 106mm underfoot model designed to provide. a happy medium for handling both deep conditions and variable type conditions. The skis weigh in at right about 1750 grams making them consistent with many other. free ride touring skis. The ski is setup in a fairly traditional manner providing camber underfoot and rocker in both the tips and tails. All that being said, the Faction Agent 3.0 is there perfect ski for an advanced skier who wants ski that will function well in bounds, but perform phenomenally out out of bounds, while maintaining a predictable shape.


On the groomers the Agent 3.0 performs surprisingly well, the cambered profile pops you into your. next turn with ease, and they are fairly easy to carve despite their width. The turning radius on these is 21 meters, so they are more suitable for longer drawn out turns than quick carves. If you are not used to a ski that performs this way, you may not like this at first, but after some repetition you will get used to the way this ski carves.


For their width, the Agent 3.0 performs decently in moguls. The 134mm tip can get in the way a bit. But the overall weight and rocker profile of this ski makes them maneuverable between bumps, and a good mogul skier should have few issues. If you are going to be skiing a lot of moguls, you probably should ski this ski slightly shorter, or opt for two pairs of skis, the other of which is a bit more "in bounds friendly".


The Agent 3.0 was designed to be able to quickly access and perform for deep conditions. Faction designed the agents to have a slightly stiffer rear end. As a result, this allows the rider too slightly lean back (not so much that form is compromised) and easily bring the tips up for plenty of floatation. Our tester, Max, has skied plenty of wider models, but he really loved the way that these performed in deep conditions. He found that the slimmer waist was unnoticeable in deep conditions, but provided the much needed relief on the uphill.

Technical Terrain

Many skiers have described the Agent 3.0s to be dependable or predictable. These are essential characteristics for handling technical terrain because the skis handle exactly how you want them too. The Agent 3.0 is super maneuverable and its versatility allows for technical skiing regardless of condition type.

Less than ideal conditions

The Agent 3.0 can bust through crud with ease as would be necessary in a touring ski, however ice is their kryptonite. Max laid this out very simply, "they suck on ice". This is in large part due to their prolonged turning radius, lightweight, and width that make edge work very difficult when conditions are bulletproof.


The Agent 3.0 was not designed for park features, but it handles natural features quite easily. The Agent series is one of Factions stiffer series, however they still provide plenty of pop and flexibility for butter type maneuvers. Additionally, they provide an excellent base for landing large cliff drops or side hits.

Touring Capabilities

The Agent 3.0 handles the uphill pretty easily when paired with the correct bindings. While they are not the lightest weight touring ski out there by any stretch of the imagination, they make up for this in their downhill performance. Not to mention, these skis can be skied in bounds much easier than many alternatives making them a great option for those seeking out a 50/50 option.


The Faction Agent 3.0 is a solid 50/50 ski for those looking for one ski to do it all. There really aren't any characteristics that make this ski stand out above the rest, but their overall predictability and time tested shape make this a great ski that can handle a vast variety of terrain types. They probably won't be the most fun ski you have ever tried, but if you are an advanced skier who just wants a versatile and dependable platform to bring with you anywhere, these are an excellent choice!

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