Liberty Evolv 100 Review

By Greg Gardner and Whit Gardner

Photo Credit: Doug Evans IG: dougtheskier

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Length Tested: 179cm

Width: 100mm

Test Bindings: Marker Griffon

Test Locations: Vail


Groomers: 9.5

Moguls: 7

Powder: 6

Technical Terrain: 9.5

Less Than Ideal Conditions: 9.5

Freestyle: 2


The profile of the Evolv 100 follows a rocker-camber design. This means that the the top 15% of the ski curves upward to help your tips clear snow and the ski to float better. The next 85% of the ski is cambered creating a long effective edge. Finally, Liberty included a slight rise at the tail to prevent the ski from catching.

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM): 139-100-122

Turning Radius: 19 meters

On Snow Performance:


Based out of Avon, Colorado, Liberty Skis has quickly become known for providing high-performance all-mountain skis perfectly suited to a wide variety of terrain and skier types. The Evolv series made its debut for the 2020/2021 season, and their hard-charging directional shape has taken the mountains by storm. The Evolv 100 is the middle ground of the series. It thus aims to provide robust performance both in deeper conditions and on hardpack. The Evolv 100 is the perfect ski for you if you are an advanced rider who wants a hard-charging ski that you can drive in any and every snow type.


On groomers, the Evolv 100 performs exceptionally. These skis are relatively rigid and have plenty of camber which helps the skier drive the ski both in and out of the turn. Additionally, Liberty implemented VMT 3.0 technology into the Evolv 100, vertical metal stringers that run through the core to stiffen the ski and provide optimal dampening. This, in turn, keeps the Evolv 100 locked in throughout the turn. Finally, the ski's 19m radius in conjunction with its long effective edge allows for these skis to make beautiful arcs down fresh corduroy with ease. Our tester, Whit, was baffled by how well these skis hold an edge and how quickly they initiate turns. If you are looking for an all-mountain ski with exceptional groomer performance, the Evolv 100 is a great choice.


While the Evolv 100 performs very well on groomed snow, the shape and profile of the ski are not as suitable for mogul skiing. This ski is a bit wide to fit through deep mogul ruts. That being said, it obviously will perform better than wider alternatives. Additionally, the rocker in the tips and tails is introduced very late in this ski; as a result, the tips can sometimes knife into moguls rather than go up and over them. Our tester opted for the 179 length rather than a longer ski to make them more manageable in the bumps. In conclusion, these skis are not for someone who wants to ski moguls all day, but they can handle intermittent bump runs throughout your day.


If it snows 2 feet, you probably won't find yourself reaching for the Evolv 100; however, this ski shines in anything up to a foot. Despite the Evolv's shallow rocker and a traditional shape, these skis can be precisely skied through fresh snow with ample float. Additionally, its narrow profile makes it very maneuverable in tighter terrain. Our tester noted, that the shovels of the Evolv 100 will sink in a bit deeper than he is used to, but he only found this to be an issue in very deep snow. While this ski was not designed for powder skiing, if this is the only ski you have, you will find it does just fine.

Photo Credit: Doug Evans IG: dougtheskier

Technical Terrain:

Technical Terrain is where the Evolv 100 really excels. These skis are very precise and operate as you would expect them to in more technical terrain. They are easy to drive around obstacles and do so with significant stability. Additionally, their stiff yet damp profile easily cuts through any cut-up snow or bumps.

Less Than Ideal Conditions:

The stiff profile and shape of the Evolv 100 really shine through in less than ideal conditions. These skis cut with ease on ice, especially when the edges have been freshly sharpened. In crud and chop, the skis continue to cut while simultaneously absorbing the impacts of the cut-up snow. Whit noted that the Evolv 100 performed better than any other 100 underfoot all mountain ski he has tried in icy variable conditions. That being said, the Liberty Evolv 100 is a great ski when the conditions are less than ideal.

Freestyle Applications:

When it comes to Freestyle applications, the Evolv 100 is not a clear choice by any means. This ski is reasonably stiff and directional, which massively inhibits its use for freestyle purposes. Overall, the Evolv 100 prefers to stay on the ground, but if the occasional side hit or cliff drop is all that you seek, they will handle this just fine.


The Liberty Evolv 100 is a super powerful and stable all-mountain ski perfect for advanced skiers who want to charge hard throughout the whole mountain. While this ski can be used as a one-ski-quiver, it would be best to complement a wider powder-focused ski for when the conditions become deep.

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