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Blackops Sender TI



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Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Blackops series was designed for Freeride skiing. These skis were designed with the same hard charging tech as Rossi's race skis but in a platform suitable for being playful all over the mountain. The 106 is a versitile option for all mountain skiing. Additionally the TI adds an extra layer of rigidity that keeps the ski locked in.

Customer Review

I've had a lot of skis that have ended up being good skis after I learned how to ski them. The best skis though are the ones that are fun and intuitive on the first run, and that was my experience today on the Sender Ti (187). They are definitely a directional ski, and you can really drive the tip and charge on them. They blast through crud and chop, and can carve a heck of a turn. The tails are stiff, but not punishingly so. I found myself in the back seat once or twice on some steep choppy terrain but the tails didn't buck me and I was able to recover. The tails are also just soft enough to be playful and allow me to pop of small features. It's definitely a fall line charging ski and not so much a smeary, go down the hill sideways ski, but that's exactly what you want and expect out of a ski like this. All in all, super stoked and one of the best skis in this category that I have ever skied. I'm 6'2" 240# and a strong skier.