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MTN Explore 95



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Salomon MTN line was developed for Those long days in the backcountry where weight matters, but so does the fun for the downhill. The Explore 95 is an excellent choice for general exploration in the backcountry.

Customer Review

I have skied the MTN 95s for three seasons now in a variety of conditions from eastern crud with tight trees to BC dreamy powder. They are a versatile ski that has served me well in all these conditions. They are light, which is great for the uphills, but they perform well in hardpack conditions as well. I'm sure that they are not as stable as a heaver ski in crud conditions, but they still work surprisingly well. As for the width, they have worked well for me. I was a bit concerned last year when I was in BC since the snow was so deep, but they float nicely even at 95 underfoot. The tips are pretty wide, so I never had a problem. My son had a slightly wider ski (105 underfoot), but I really didn't see much difference in the performance. I mounted a pair of the Salomon MTN touring binding on them, and it's an awesome setup. Light and responsive. The MTN bindings are so light, I was afraid that I would pop out in tough conditions, but not once have I prereleased in three years!